Kyaw Zin Latt

Ever since I came to earth, I have been a person who likes to help people. In the world of technology, solving problems related to technology, A person who likes to maintain a technical building without inconvenience.

Awesome strength: Results & Teamwork

I’m driven by a real desire to use my strengths and make a positive difference at your organization. My passion for IT field fuels my commitment to doing great work, and I’m confident my skills in IT System Engineer and IT Support Specialist will directly help your team achieve its goals. I’m a team player who loves to learn and is eager to bring a new way of thinking to the team.

I bring a positive attitude to the workplace, contributing to a happy and productive environment.

I'm good at finding issues and resolving them quickly.

I'm proactive and take ownership of my tasks, striving to exceed expectations.

I communicate clearly, listen attentively, and work well with others to achieve goals.

I'm organized, manage my time well, and always meet deadlines.

I can learn new things quickly and become a valuable asset to the team.

Tech Arsenal: Growing Expertise

This is just a sample of the tools in my arsenal. Continuously expanding my tech toolkit.

Proven Success: Making a Difference

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently delivered results that have significantly benefited organizations. These achievements fuel my passion to contribute similar positive impacts in a new environment.


Deployed tech classrooms


Fixed technological problems


Microsoft 365 accounts created


Implemented IT Support System

Let’s Grow your Business!

If you’d like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.